Millésime Bio 2020

World organic wine fair

Montpellier Exhibition Centre


27 to 29 January 2020

Visitor registration is now opensign-up today

16 jan.2020: Registrations to the masterclasses are open. Attention, registration is mandatory!

Programme and registration

07 jan. 2020: The list of Millesime Bio 2020 exhibitors is online!

Millésime Bio 2020 exhibitors list

02 dec.2019: disclosure of the results of the Millésime Bio 2020 study : 

In 2023, France will have the second largest organic vineyard in the world (2019 - French)

Restitution of the study during the fair on Tuesday 28 January 2020

19 nov. 2019: The provisional list of exhibitors is now available! 

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Challenge Millésime Bio

International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair.

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