2020 Interviews

We interviewed visitors to the fair, as well as organic wine producers and merchants, all exhibitors at Millésime BIO 2019 or 2020.

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Adriano VIVAS, NOW - ARGENTINA / Millésime BIO 2020 exhibitor

We were very satisfied with our first experience. We met a lot of importers that were actively looking for new organic wines.  

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Marcello VAONA, Novaia - ITALY / Millésime BIO 2020 exhibitor

I already believed that Millésime BIO was one of the major fairs for organic wines and since my participation to it I have been sure of it. My objective was both meeting new customers and also meeting my current customers, and a lot of them came. I was very satisfied with the contacts I had.

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Romain BOUCHARD, Domaine de l'Enclos - FRANCE / Millésime BIO 2020 exhibitor

You participated to Millésime BIO for the first time in 2020. What led you to take part to this fair?

Millésime BIO 2020 was a very important meeting for us because we are in a development phase with many departements in France and many export countries where we are still not represented. And it's a big international trade fair that is very well suited to our strategy.

Are you satisfied with your participation?

Yes very satisfied, we had 67 visitors from 14 different countries over the 3 days, we had no downtime and yet we were 2 at the stand!

Can you share with us your greatest commercial success at the fair, your best memory?

Thanks to the fair, we have 5 new important export partners (Denmark, Netherlands, Quebec, Luxembourg, Norway) who have already placed orders. In France, we have about 10 new customers, wine merchants, wholesalers, agents, restaurants. If we have to remember one commercial success, I would say the SAQ, the Quebec monopoly is very courted but the buyer came to our stand and liked our wines very much and now we are working together on 2 references!

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Dominik BRUN, Giannikos Winery - GREECE / Millésime BIO 2020 exhibitor

You participated to Millésime BIO 6 times. What are the elements that explain this loyalty to the fair?

We consider Millésime BIO as the best organic wine fair for international buyers. We found many of our partners at Millésime BIO and it is a booked date in our calendar. We like the concept of the fair with everyone having the same booth. That’s why we always come back to show our newest vintages.  

Can you share with us your greatest business success at the fair, your best memory?

We found many of our clients at the fair and created success stories together but the best memories are the contacts with other organic wine producers from other countries. Over the years we have become friends with them and we exchange ideas and experiences and we meet every year again the Millésime BIO. This international exchange is very important for us.

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Didier BONNEFONT, Auchan - FRANCE / Millésime BIO 2019 Visitor

Why did you choose to come? What was your objective: to source wines? To better understand the market and the offer?

I came to find new estates, to meet the current partners and also to see what was on offer in the vineyards other than those I'm in charge of.

What do you think of the Millésime BIO fair? 

Millésime BIO is a pleasant and accessible fair that allows...

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Herman STROBBE, Bio Planet - BELGIUM / Millésime BIO 2019 Visitor

What do you think of the Millésime BIO fair?

It is the most important fair concerning organic wines.

What are its strengths? What do you enjoy most?

You know that all wines are organic, so there is no loss of time with the supplier on this matter. I also like that all suppliers are treated the same way with the same table space.

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Philippe Cilia, Invino - FRANCE / Millésime BIO 2019 visitor

How long have you been coming to Millésime BIO?

Since 2010 we have regularly been coming to Millésime BIO, either individually or in groups of 2 depending on our availability. In the previous years, we went to other fairs [...] but in 2019, we decided to focus our efforts on Millésime BIO. [...] We found many interesting wines and made many contacts for the future.

We are our clients' first advisors and what motivates us in the first place is "the quest for the good" - organic or not. Fortunately, thanks to our experience and trade shows like yours, we are increasingly able to reconcile pleasure, quality, price and health.

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Daisuke TANAKA, Dean&Deluca - JAPAN /Millésime BIO 2019 visitor

What do you think of the Millésime BIO fair?

It is an excellent fair! One of my favourites! I like that we are able to talk with the winemaker directly.

What did you think of the self-service tasting area? the Challenge Millésime BIO area?

Both the self-service tasting area and the Challenge Millésime BIO area are very efficient to choose the wines.

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