A unique concept since 1993

Created and organised by Sudvinbio, Occitanie trade association of organic winegrowers

Millésime Bio 2021, special edition: 100% DIGITAL!

Millésime Bio 2021 - 100% DIGITAL Brochure

Press release of 16 November 2020 (in French)

The strong points of Millésime Bio to be found again from January 2022 at Montpellier Exhibition Centre:

Each exhibitor has exactly the same equipment to present their wines: a counter, two chairs, a spittoon, tasting glasses, ice and a display. It is a question of judging and comparing wines, and not all the techniques of wine exposure! Here, all exhibitors are on an equal footing to present their products.

The stands are not grouped by region or appellation but randomly distributed. This feature of Millésime Bio is a deliberate wish of the organisers to promote encounters and curiosity. This may seem confusing at first, but the signposting and reception staff are there to guide you through your tasting journey.

The vast majority of exhibitors are able to present the newest of the vintages of the year.

Before the trade show, the organisers have strictly checked the compliance with legislation of all exhibits. The wines presented are all certified organic. Each exhibitor must provide copies of certificates of conformity with the organic production method issued by an accredited certification body for all the wines presented.

Flavoured drinks made from organic wine, beer, cider and spirits are also acceptable for tasting, which must comply with European regulations for organic products. A dedicated tasting zone is provided for these beverages.

Sudvinbio mandates Ecocert to check the compliance of the wines and other beverages presented with the organic regulations.

Have a good tasting!