Millésime BIO, World fair for Organic Wines & Other Alcoholic Beverages

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Millésime BIO is the world leading marketplace leader for professionals from the organic wine, cider, beer and spirit sectors.

Coming edition 30&31 January - 1st February 2023 at the Exhibition Center in Montpellier.

The digital session will take place one week before the fair, on 23&24 January 2023.

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With the financial support of the Région Occitanie and the FEADER European funds

UE Occitanie
Sud de France BIO
Sudvinbio Sudvinbio, interprofessional association gathering producers and traders of the organic wine industry of Occitania. It organizes the Challenge Millésime Bio contest and the Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site
Challenge Millésime Bio International organic wine contest of Millésime Bio trade fair. Visit the site